About Us

Learn more about HAPI, its history and the current amazing team of homeschool leaders and advocates behind it.

We Are HAPI: The Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands


HAPI is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government advocacy organization with a nationwide network representing volunteers and leaders of small, medium and large homeschool providers, service and business partners, local homeschool support groups and associations all working together to have a sustainable impact and to foster a dynamic homeschool community.

HAPI was incorporated in June 2009 as a result of a diverse core group of volunteers that founded the homeschool advocacy. It mobilized leaders of various homeschool groups to mount projects and initiatives to help Filipino homeschoolers-at-large. It was formally launched in October 2010 in the 3rd Philippine Homeschool Conference and has since gathered approximately 3,000 member parents and children.

It is recognized as the representative and voice of the Philippine homeschool community. The goal remains to be a strong support to families and equip leaders to shape and grow the national homeschooling movement.


HAPI is affiliated with HSLDA, the Homeschool Legal Defense of America, a thirty-five-year, non-profit advocacy organization that makes homeschooling possible by protecting homeschooling families and equipping them to provide the best educational experience for their children.
HAPI is also a collaborative partner of the Department of Education of the Philippines to grow awareness of homeschooling as an alternative and accepted delivery mode of formal education.


HAPI equips homeschool leaders and movers who will shape the Philippine homeschooling landscape.


HAPI leads the education movement to establish homeschooling as a recognised, accessible, and accepted alternative mode of education for Filipino family in building our nation.

HAPI History

Message from our Chairman and Founder

Edric Mendoza is the Founder & Chairman of the Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands. He is the President of Homeschool Global Learning Inc. He is also an international speaker, Registered Financial Planner, and former Lead Anchor of the multi-awarded ANC show “On the Money”. He is a homeschooling dad and co-author of “Why You Should Homeschool.” Edric is an education entrepreneur focused on home education, personal finance, and family life. 


HAPI Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees and Officers

The Board of Trustees is primarily responsible for HAPI’s governance: setting the policies for the
accomplishment of the organization’s objectives, fostering long-term success of the organization and sustainability, exercising its fiduciary responsibility, and seeking to achieve the best interest of the organization, its members and other stakeholders.

The 2022-2024 Board of Trustees bring with them a wealth of experience to strengthen the organization in finance, technology, education, strategic change, policy, and advocacy. Their unique background and expertise make them a great asset to the organization in furthering the mission.

Beday Fortuna is the President of the Board. She concurrently serves as the Special Projects Manager of the Catholic Filipino Academy Homeschool. Beday, a former homeschooling mom, is passionate about leadership, sustainability and development, Mathematics, and the Sciences. She has 15 years of experience in the homeschooling program and curriculum development and 30 years experience in human resource, organizational development, and quality systems management. Beday is a HAPI Member since 2015.

Leny Ojano Yusay is HAPI’s Vice President. She is an entrepreneur and the Founder of Teen HOP, a homeschool support group and Likha Gavel Club, a Toastmasters International organization for teens. She has many years of corporate executive management and marketing background and is a multilingual professional with over 15 years of management experience in different industries. Leny is a homeschooling mom for eight years and is a HAPI member since 2020.

Audreylie Villegas is HAPI’s Corporate Treasurer. She is the President and School Principal of Peniel Integrated Christian Academy of Rizal. She has background in accounting, secondary education in Mathematics, and School Management. She is an education innovator with ten years of experience leading to continuous improvement initiatives at the local and national levels. She is a HAPI member since 2014.

Juancho Dulay Barretto is HAPI’s Corporate Secretary. He serves as the Director of Philippine Operations for Homeschool Global. His experiences revolve around strategy, policy, operations, and communications–leading multiple project teams across a variety of functions. As the eldest of a solo parent who is also a veteran homeschooling mom, Juancho is a lifelong learner as he continues his doctoral studies at the Ateneo De Manila University. Juancho has been involved with HAPI since 2018.

HAPI Finance and Sponsorship Team

Finance and Sponsorship

The Finance and Sponsorship Committee keeps track of the organization’s budget and raise funds. It prepares the annual budget and makes recommendations to the board. It has many oversight duties including coordinating with all committees on HAPI events with the main goal of raising money for the organization. It also seeks out opportunities for gaining corporate sponsors, donors, and other ways of generating funds for the organization.


The Membership committee keeps track of membership retention and looks for ways to attract new members. It also create strategies to keep the current members active and involved and keeps members notified of how their membership benefits them.


The Network Building Committee is tasked to reach out to organizations working to strengthen our partnerships and consider how we can best work together towards our ultimate goals. It seeks out opportunities to report, represent and to consider strategic network building in light of our mission and activities. It recommends ways we can leverage our local and external networks to help meet our goals and recommend new partnerships to increase our impact and effectiveness.

HAPI Multimedia team


The Multi Media committee creates awareness of the work that HAPI does by developing educational and marketing campaigns, promoting events, creating advertising and posting on social media platforms. It manages all printed publications and the organization’s website.

Events and Training

The Events and Training Committee is charged with long and short-range planning and general oversight of programs, and carry out an event. It is also tasked to brainstorm about ideas to keep HAPI relevant in the face of changing demographics or trends by offering training programs to the community.

Legal and Policies Oversight

The Legal Committee is tasked to ensure that HAPI is up to date with legal and regulatory requirements which has impact on our organization. It also evaluates draft policies for clarity, implementation issues, and contradiction or duplication with existing policies that affect the organization. It is charged to deal with any legal matters within the scope of the Organization. It is the primary forum for the consideration of legal questions in the association.


What Our Members are Saying

"HAPI has helped me accept change with grace, respect diversity, grow and develop as a homeschool leader. My experience being a member of HAPI pushed me to be a better wife, a homeschool mom, a homeschool leader and with all of my other hats I wear. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve, work, and collaborate with other homeschool advocates, and leaders from DepEd in the pursuit of homeschool advocacy and awareness which has changed the homeschooling landscape in our country."

~ Laksmi Maluya, Gopala Learning Haven

"HAPI is truly committed in building the homeschooling movement in the Philippines. Their all-out support for homeschooling communities, homeschool providers and other entities serving homeschooling families have been tremendous through the years. As a homeschool advocate/leader, I am blessed to have HAPI to run to and to collaborate with. Maraming salamat, HAPI."

~ Dr. Donna Pangilinan - Simpao, Homeschoolers of the Philippines

“HAPI is a giving community where you'll stand with arms linked together in moments of change, in moments of success, and in moments when homeschooling freedom must be fought for. Proud to be a part of HAPI and to share the cause of making homeschooling possible for those who need it most!“

~ Zen Jacalan, Living Pupil Homeschool

“HAPI is a growing community of leaders and even for volunteers like me who are committed in helping the homeschool community. HAPI gives us opportunities to support parents and students in their homeschooling journey. Thank you and HAPI to serve!”

~ Maria Lota Matias, K-10 Homeschool Online Tutor