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  1. Definition of Members

    A member is broadly classified as either an existing Leader or a Leader-in-training (LIT). A Leader has a group of homeschoolers they represent, either formally through SEC-registered for-profit or non-profit organizations, or informally through Facebook groups and the like. A LIT has the desire to represent a group of homeschoolers but at the time of becoming a HAPI Member is not yet doing so.

    A member also chooses whether to be a “working” member. This person commits to be part of a team that handles certain projects and/or tasks for HAPI. In this “working” capacity, they commit to do their best to achieve the goals of the project, including timetables and budgets. In exchange for the work they put in, they are given subsidies on their membership fees.

    Given the above definitions, there are effectively four (4) types of HAPI members:

    1. Leader
    2. Working Leader
    3. LIT
    4. Working LIT
  2. Term of Membership

    The term of membership is one (1) year, from January 1 to December 31 of said membership year. Where the member signs up outside of the January 1 start date, the membership starts upon sign-up and ends on December 31 of said membership year.

    Renewals are subject to compliance of membership requirements in the term that lapsed.

  3. Application Process

    Step 1: Attend General Orientation. An orientation shall be provided in order for prospective member to understand HAPI and it’s aims prior to pursuing application.

    Step 2: Fill-out and submit application form. Details will include:

    1. Basic information regarding applicant and the group which he/she represents
    2. Name of HAPI member endorsement
    3. Type of commitment offered: working vs. advisory
    4. If working, team serving in: Help, Awareness, Partner, Interaction

    Step 3: Await processing. Application will be evaluated by a select team of HAPI representatives. Once completed, applicant will be notified.

    Step 4: Pay and sign. Where approved, new member should pay the membership fees and sign the HAPI commitment form.

  4. Fees & Payments (Waived for 2020)

    Membership Fees are based on the type of membership:

    1. Leader: P12,000 per year or P1,000 per month
    2. Working Leader: P6,000 per year or P500 per month (50% discount)
    3. LIT: P18,000 per year or P1,500 per month + start-up training fee*
    4. Working LIT: P9,000 per year or P750 per month (50% discount) + start-up training fee*

    *for LIT a special start-up training fee shall be added (specific fee shall be determined with member based on his / her needs)

    Payment of Membership Fees are either (a) upfront upon signing (with cash discount), or (b) monthly at the 1st day of every month. If payments are delayed, without prior written notice to and discussion with HAPI, the membership status shall be put on hold until such time the member is able to discuss and resolve payment concerns with HAPI.

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