Today is only a glimpse of the daily battle in Manila Bay Beach. HAPI homeschoolers from different providers and support groups together with other volunteers from rider groups and civic communities conducted a coastal clean up. What we collected were mostly plastics such as bottle caps, lollipop sticks, jelly cups, candy wrappers, shampoo sachets, plastic straws, household and food packaging and others sorts of garbage thrown indiscriminately and improperly into esteros and creeks.

It is a stark and a strong reminder for us to be more conscientious about where we throw our trash and to make sure that we recycle and segregate our garbage before it is collected from our households.

The movement that is happening now is proof that the plastic waste problem can not be tackled by one sector alone. It is a concerted effort that needs the cooperation and commitment from all sectors of society, from each citizen, including us homeschoolers to each business, and ultimately the policies and enforcement of government.

The organizers are our friends and partners from the Philippine Mountain Rangers and Wildlife Enforcers. We will have more activities in the future like this such as tree planting, clean up, seminar for proper trash disposal, and many more.

So next time you are called to volunteer, join na! BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT! LET’S GET INVOLVED!

  • The Coastal Clean Up Project is organized by the Philippine Mountain Rangers and Wildlife Enforcers is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Forbes Park together with Manila Bay Beach with other active organizations. HAPI is proud to support and participate in this community endeavor.

EVENT: Manila Bay Beach Coastal Clean Up
DATE: October 2 from 6:00am to 10:00am.

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